Editorial policy

OC Magazine is the magazine of Option consommateurs. It is published in English and French and is intended for every Canadian who is interested in current consumer issues. The magazine keeps readers informed of the major issues of the day by reporting on cutting-edge research that has been published nationally or internationally by non-profit organizations, universities and public authorities. OC Magazine is an indispensable source of information on practices that impact consumers.

Most of the articles that appear in OC Magazine are written by professional journalists. In an effort to limit any errors that may occur, the articles are sometimes checked by an expert in the field. This revision is purely factual, yet we believe it to be necessary in certain cases due to the complexity of the subjects raised. In the event of doubt as to the relevance of a requested amendment, a final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief, following consultation with the author and the expert.

Some articles are produced by Option consommateurs’ partners. As stipulated in Option consommateurs’ partnership policy, these are public or private non-profit organizations whose mission is compatible with our own. It should be noted that establishing a partnership with an organization does not imply an endorsement of its values or practices. Nor does it constrain Option consommateurs from expressing itself or acting in accordance with its own wishes. In addition, Option consommateurs reserves the right to refuse or terminate a partnership in certain circumstances.

Finally, OC Magazine also permits certain public or private non-profit organizations with which it does not have a partnership agreement–its collaborators—to publish an article for a fee. In these cases, the policy followed is the same as that for our partners. The magazine does not accept any commercial advertising. It does, however, accept social advertisements. Please note that the publication of an article by a collaborator (partner or collaborator) or a social advertisement is in no way binding on Option consommateurs and OC Magazine.

Anyone wishing to reproduce a text published in OC Magazine, in whole or in part, must request permission from the Editor-in-Chief. This may be granted in certain cases and is always conditional on the source being clearly indicated.