ADAJ, the Access to Law and Justice research consortium is concerned with the issue of the difficult relationships between the citizen and the legal sector in complex societies. It includes 20 different collaborative research hubs that focus on the empirical study of the concrete realities affecting access to law and justice (five major common projects) or on the development of innovative practices that could eventually be experimented in other Canadian provinces and, at the international level, be transposed into other legal systems.

Pierre Noreau is a political scientist and jurist whose primary field of interest is the sociology of law. He is a professor in the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal and a researcher at the Centre de recherche en droit public. He heads the Access to Law and Justice consortium (ADAJ).

Maya Cachecho has a Ph.D in law. She is the scientific coordinator of the Access to Law and Justice Project (ADAJ) and a researcher at the Centre de recherche en droit public. Her research focuses on real and personal rights related to securities held by an intermediary and on protection for consumers of financial products and services. Since 2010, she has given courses in security law, private international law, the foundations of private law and legal skill development. In collaboration with the Autorité des marchés financiers and several other partners in the financial products and services sector, she heads ADAJ Hub 22 on the Protection of Consumers of Financial Products and Services from the joint perspectives of social sciences and law.